Find Healing From Emotional Abuse

The subject of abusive relationships isn’t often discussed. The reality is, however, that many of those around you are likely dealing with such a painful situation. From an online article at Focus on the Family’s site, some insights about emotional abuse:

…chances are you or someone you love is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Your abuser may be a spouse, a boss, a brother or a sister. You may have tried to ignore it, deny it and fix it. Perhaps you have even tried to accept it. But it hasn’t worked. This is your moment of truth. Are you willing to do what it takes to break the cycle of abuse in your life?

While the optimum situation is for both parties in an abusive situation to seek help, Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, insists one person can change the relationship.

“Change a person; change a relationship,” he says.

On the other hand, if the abuse is severe and occurring within the marriage relationship, it’s time to take bold steps and assert biblical, healthy boundaries.

“Sometimes separation can be a powerful attention-getting boundary if you’re fully ready to use it,” says Karla Downing, abuse survivor, counselor and author of 10 Lifesaving Principles for Women in Difficult Marriages. “The purpose of the separation can be to physically or emotionally protect you and your children or to convince your husband (or wife) that you’ll not continue to live the same way. Separation can also be by mutual agreement for each to work on your own problems separately with the goal of reconciling your marriage.”

Author and counselor Leslie Vernick discusses the warning signs of an emotionally destructive relationship and the necessary steps to stop it in this radio program. Listen, if not for yourself, so at the least you’ll be informed and ready to help that friend or family member who is in need.

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