Top Five…Movies

Posted on December 27, 2010 
Filed Under Media, Parenting

Alright, so a Top Five list isn’t as common as a Top Ten list. I know that. But hey, I’m busy, you’re busy. And I really don’t see that many films.

Of the movies I saw this past year, though, the following stood out for one or more qualities: entertainment, inspiration, thoughtfulness, artistic expression, or any combination thereof.

  1. Temple Grandin – this exceptional film is an insightful look at the world of autism, based on the real-life, miracle story of a PhD in Colorado. As a parent of a boy with autism, I can’t watch this without tearing up. And hoping for a miracle in our son.
  2. Hurt Locker – a fascinating, rather scary step into the world of the U.S. military. Riveting and at times repulsive, but with heart and a respect for those in our armed forces.I came away with a deeper appreciation for the terrors of war, the bravery of our men and women, and the impact of PTSD on soldiers and their families.
  3. Saving Private Ryan – I hadn’t seen this film until a few months ago. Wow! This seems to have captured the chaos and honor of WWII, at least that of this small company of dedicated soldiers.
  4. Australia – okay, this was a ladies flick, but I could watch and enjoy it with my wife. It has action, story, humor, great cinematography – and ties to real life. Nicely done (except for one sexual scene – which could have been deleted).
  5. Toy Story 3 – alright, another film I could have avoided, but am I glad we took the family to see this one! What a great film, perfectly executed.

There were a number of other worthy contenders, but these five were the tops in 2010.